This botanical infused phenomenon was first introduced to the world as medicine in the Middle Ages. Gin gets its most dominant flavors from juniper berries.

There are several different kinds of gin: “London Dry” is a traditionally dry kind of gin often produced in the U.K., popular in cocktails. “Plymouth Gin” is actually made in Plymouth, England, and generally has a slightly earthier flavor profile. “Old Tom” gin is historically on the sweeter side, and the high octane “Navy Strength” gin is characterized by having an ABV of 57% and up.

Modern gins can use any number and proportion of botanicals, fruits and spices contributing to the final aromatic result, delivering florals, spices, black pepper, herbs, cucumber, etc.

Martini enthusiasts will tell you there is no such thing as a vodka martini. A true martini is made with gin. Take a peek at these botanical infused selections and let the fun be-GIN.

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